Modern Australian swimming pools come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles. Some are used for specific purposes, like plunge pools for small urban spaces, lap pools for health and fitness, novelty pools to express the owner's personality, and freeform pools that blend in with the natural landscape.

There are numerous factors to deciding what pool style best suits you - location, aspect, property size, personal style, budget - so working with a qualified landscape architect like Cameron Leth will ensure you choose the one that best suits you.


Polar Pools specialises in a range of different in-ground pools, including:

Architectural Pools

Architectural pools are ideal for homeowners who want a truly authentic, contemporary design that seamlessly integrates with the style of their home and outdoor entertaining areas. Ranging from bold geometric shapes to soft, free flowing curves, this type of pool is designed for maximum visual impact and timeless appeal.

Lap Pools

We design and build this type of pool for people who like to swim laps for exercise or hydrotherapy purposes, or property owners who only have a narrow space to work with. Lap pools traditionally range from 12-metres to 15-metres in length, 2-metres to 3-metres in width, and 1.2-metres in depth.

Plunge Pools

Also known as small pools due to their snug size, plunge pools are usually less then 20- square metres in area (i.e. 5m x 4m) but can be anything that fits in the allocated small space. This style of pool is perfect for small urban spaces, difficult to access sites, or where a smaller footprint is required.

Freeform Pools

This is often used to create a resort-style tropical pool and is characterised by gentle curves, natural rock or stone surrounds, lush landscaping, water features, and wading areas. The natural, uneven shape of a freeform pool is often used for irregular outdoor spaces or where garden space is at a premium.

Family Pools

Designed to cater to the individual needs of each family, this type of swimming pool averages 8-metres to 12-metres so that there is enough space for games and aquatic sports. Features include underwater bench seats and wading areas for young children deep areas for diving, swim jets for exercise, and ample deck areas for entertaining.

Integrated Pools

While all types of swimming pools should be thoughtfully integrated with its surrounds, be it the house, setting, backdrop or owner's lifestyle, fully integrated pools combine every aspect in one sophisticated package. The popularity of the outdoor room means that today's pools merge seamlessly into alfresco cooking areas, lounge areas, patios and pool cabanas.

Special pool features:

Infinity edge

Also known as a negative edge, zero edge, disappearing edge or vanishing edge, an infinity edge produces a stunning visual effect of water appearing to merge with the horizon. Commonly found on cliff edges, mountaintops, beachfronts, and on riverbanks, this type of pool often requires substantial structural, mechanical, and architectural detailing.

Glass walls

Producing a striking effect when illuminated at night, glass walls help create a smooth transition between spa and pool. They are ideal for pools that are partially out of ground, especially when they're located uphill from the main viewing point of the house.